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Welcome to my AwA Gallery

Handmade Pendants
& Sculpted Wearable Art.
High quality pendants, sculpture & aquatic inspired jewelry that brings out a balance of wearable & displayable nature. 

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Amber White Art Etsy:  Crystal Knobcone Pinecone Pendant Knobcone Pinecone Pendant. Knobcone Pinecone Pendants for sale.

Sea Turtle Pinecone Pendants

These original One of One designs are sculpted using only the highest quality of naturally sourced and selected ingredients: Wood, Crystals, Rare Knobcone Pinecones, Sea Shells, Black Walnuts, Metal & Stone. Every art collection piece is uniquely hand-made, one at a time by one person. 


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Crystal Pinecone Pendants

Painted & Sculpted