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Meet the Artist

    Mission:  My driving passion is to support my growing family through my creations, connect with communities & work for the Arts. 

With over 20 years of professional experience and deep artistic roots, Amber White     has designed, built, creature fabricated, painted and sculpted hundreds of    
       projects for clients. She’s a specialist in color balance and her art is recognized in       Film as well as the Los Angeles art scene. Amber’s enthusiastic dedication to            extreme detail makes her work truly exceptional for any themed project.

Amber White Art. Amber White. Crystal Knobcone Pinecone Pendant Sculpture Digital Illustration. Sea Turtle Pinecone Pendants. Wood Pendants. Crystal Wood Pendants. Explore Amber White's Art Portfolio featuring stunning pieces like the Handmade Crystal Knobcone Pinecone Pendants & Sculpted Crystal Art creatures sold on her Etsy Shop, (@AwApendants). Browse Amber White’s Digital Illustrations, her work collection of Body Painting, Paintings on canvas, Watercolors, Sculpture & Creature Fabrications for Film, Face Painting  Private/Public Events and more. Socials: Amber White Art.  Amber Atkisson

2020 -24 Full time professional Working Artist and Mother of three.


2019 - 20 Scenic Artist for Film & Entertainment Industry (Disney, Universal, Nassal, Freelance)


2016 - 18  Full time professional Working Artist and Mother.

2006 -15  Freelance Artist specializing in the transformation of Body Painting, Special Effects                   

                    for film and Street Performance Art - Project Manager (4yrs) for a Fine                                    

                    Art Fabrication Studio in North Hollywood, Ca. Started my self-made

                    Crystal Pinecone Pendant business as AwA Pendants™- continued to be involved 

                    with the film industry through special FX/Beauty Makeup & "Creature Creation".                      

                    (Illustrator, Sculpture Artist and Mold Maker).​   

                (Most all of the Body Art photography was taken by Amber White unless otherwise noted 

                and all of the original AwA Pendant™ images were photographed by Amber White.) 


​2006 -  Found her life partner - Lead Editor for Film & Documentaries, Randy White:

                                         co-owner of production house: 

2003 - 05  Santa Barbara College: Studied anatomy, art history, ceramics, had some worldly travel. 

                       Then Amber focused on her creative endeavors fostered by many mentors in multiple genres 

                        and honed by "The Freelance World."

  1986 -  Learned how to hold a paintbrush. Hooray!

  1985 -  Grew up in the small Beach Town Ventura, Ca discovering the world of nature, ocean and the arts.

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