I’ve captured the sun. - subconscious

I just finished watching a film called,“Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.” After watching the ending, I remembered something...

Below is a quick drawing of a dream from when I was a much younger girl. When I loved someone very much, or my idea of love at least for that time in my life. It ended, but the happy times happened and they will always be mine. It was simply a glimpse.

Nowadays I have beyond anything I ever thought I could experience with my current partner of 10 years, my true love & husband. As the days pass. Our life bonds become stronger... But this dream, this one dream from years ago. Is mine. And it will always be mine. It still makes me happy because it was me when I was happiest as a teenager. (Which wasn't often due to family circumstances out of my control).

So, any who... this is the sketch I'm talking about that best reflects my dream:

Two bodies are resting in the position I’ve drawn…

him & I as it was in the dream. A window looking out....

A nuclear bomb goes off in the distance and there is such a quiet it could only be described as what my idea of the vacuum of space sounds like...

He says to me as this known world comes to an end: “Look into my eyes…they’ve captured the Sun so you won’t fade...”

Years later and it’s still as clear as day. I just love the line my subconscious came up with and the scene seemed like something out of a movie...

It was originally just an unknown room with a white rimmed window I’d never seen. It was a dream with a very powerful quote from my deepest of deep emotional states of mind. I wish I could remember all of my dreams….oh the drawings that could be!!!

Process Shot (Below)

I decided to upgrade the watercolor and metallic scene to a sort of Floral Art Nouveau Style. 1920's is my favorite era....might incorporate more of that too. Not sure if I'll put the male figure in, as drawings sometimes go, they change and turn into something else. We'll see.

I'll update this blog when I get back to it.

I have about 12 of these kind of art projects, where I walk away for a bit. I wonder if I would still have this habit as an artist if I didn't already have so many other art projects to do that are hired work - which take precedence over my own personal projects.

Love & Light,

Amber White

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