I think people are more comfortable naked. It just takes a bit of paint to help them realize this. Fortunately, I have this passion for the human form, a desire to help others feel free within their own bodies…and a bit of talent with coloring outside the lines on a human canvas....
or so I am sometimes told.

“Sage Warrior” Is the title of this piece. (right) The theme is inspired by inner strength and beauty; Native American lines influenced my approach along with Ancient Geometry symbols. A 5hr process including the feathered mohawk.

(I just wish I could do this hair style to myself!)

SO… TRACY. This young woman is going through some major life changes right now and it’s interesting to me that there always seems to be a pattern of body paintings that end up reflecting upon the person’s state of being at the moment. I suppose it’s not all that surprising that when I get to use a fresh bare naked human as my canvas I tend to absorb some of their essence to translate into the piece.

This (left) image where Tracy's sage burning smoke just HAPPENS to perfectly cradle her right eye - was not discover this until I was working on it in post. It's my most favorite.

PLUS- her hair was amazing! So much of it and so very fine! It was like sculpting fiber…well. I suppose that’s exactly what it was but I had no expectations of it doing exactly what I wanted and let alone staying in perfect place for 5 hours….

This particular body painting has attracted a lot of powerful comments on social media sites from other women, for example: “When I look at her I see the strength of myself & how I feel about approaching obstacles."

Thank you Tracy. You were a lovely canvas and I can’t wait for the next one. I believe our time spent together will inspire other women and other artists whatever their genre may be.

Oh, and what is the best way to finish an afternoon of body painting???

Why a few shots of tequila and a pool of course…

Er… kiddie pool.

Well at least it got the paint off...


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