...and here comes the ridiculous...

Over the years I have been approached and involved with projects that have had many levels of professionalism. Now, just because you are a "professional" doesn't guarantee that the project will be reflected in such a way. Yes... you may have the budget, the crew, the bells and whistles....that means diddly-squat in my eyes if you are disrespectful to the people working so hard around you.

Character sketch for a feature film......that may one day still yet happen?

Thankfully, more often than not I have had the BEST projects that were a result of "unprofessionals" with no budget, a skeleton crew, RIDICULOUS-fabulous ideas accompanied with a healthy splash of passion and a sense of determined professionalism. I like to lump these awesome folk into the: "Fake it 'till you Make it Category"...

So in my early career, when I found myself amongst the people and artists that I loved to support, (say like at 2am when I needed to try to figure out how to make a head explode in under 1 hour using sometimes just elmer's glue and cotton....) I didn't mind. Because the world needs to support the professional unprofessionals. I look fondly back at the success stories that cost 50 bucks and a lot of imagination.....

Mystique here was $65 bucks worth of materials and a whole lot of personal creative man hours. ​

I'm not saying you should sell yourself short as an artist in the beginning, but if you provide quality work, sometimes the material cost isn't as important as your imagination. And if you work just as hard on a $3k MKP budget as you would on a $100.00 budget... word gets around about you and your attitude - reputation is very important and fast moving in this business.

You never know who you're going to meet and who will notice your talent!

So yeah, fake it 'till you make it.... and don't be a dick.

Mark Hoppis - Fallout Boy Music Video

Alicia Silverstone - Rob Thomas Music Video

Danny Trejo On a feature called Necessary Evil (Assistant Mkp Artist)

Danny Trejo On a feature called Necessary Evil (Assistant Mkp Artist)

On the set of Tropic Thunder - Anatomorphex team - we made the panda bears

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