How I started Body Painting People

In early 2004 I was a young artist who had just turned 18. I was approached by a photographer who saw some of my artwork online. He said, "wow I love your paintings - have you ever thought about painting people? Let's get together for a photoshoot." I of course said yes at the opportunity and invited my beautiful trusting friend Janette to be my model for the experience. It was a very professional environment and equally as fun. The whole experience took about 5 hours (and a lot of glitter) Boy did I learn a lot about photography, what to expect from a model, how to pace yourself as an artist and more.

I titled it "Water Peacock."

It's now been over 10 years in the business of changing the human body into a living canvas and there's no evidence of the work slowing down. I've been hired to create dozens of living art for public performances, private client sessions, websites, commercials & events. It's not limited by any means other than your own desire to be painted. The photoshoots (which I now prominently photograph) are open to men and women of all shapes & sizes.

You can check out the full Body Painting portfolio here.

Love & Light,

Amber White

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