The Story Behind AwA Pendants

"I'm inspired by sea-life, the Fibonacci Sequence, (which is derived from the "golden ratio" or Sacred Geometry) Owls, Healing Stones, Crystals & Turtles."

The prominent practice of woodworking in the arts and sacred geometry has been intertwined as a part of my life longer than I was fully aware when I first started my Pendant Making Business. I’ve collected stones, crystals, sea shells, petrified wood and ammonites since I was a little girl, (I loved finding the shells split in half and seeing the spirals inside). I still reference my first gemstone book to better understand the power and meaning behind these ancient gemstones & crystals as well as how to best use them in my life.

The very first batch of AwA Pendants came from my own collection. I thought I was the first to create this type of work for over a year but in fact the art of Pinecone Pendants have been around since the mid 1960's!

Encouraged by my friends & family, I started selling them to the public after perfecting the fabrication of creating

them through old fashioned trial and error. The buying & selling of wood themed crafts has always been a part of my life through the other artists in my family - so it was about time I took up my own small business in the form of wood art.

Each individual slice of a pinecone expresses the fibanotchi sequence with delicate grandeur, perfecting the balance of chaos and purpose. Years ago, after finding a perfectly broken pinecone on my Aunt's Ranch in Northern California, I decided to cut a few pinecones open to try and create earrings with a matching pendant. Experimenting with different species to find the most unique cut - I discovered one specific pine-cone that contained the patterns I loved, and was inspired to place multiple Crystals inside.

I love to use triangles in my pendants as it is a very special symbol for me and well known in the Fibonacci Sequence. I realize now that the universe was trying to get my attention back towards sacred geometry in 2005.

Upon saying a temporary "goodbye” to my best friends & I all leaving the country, I drew a triangular symbol for the fun of it, (I was unaware of the traditional Sacred Geometry symbols at the time & I thought I was creating a new symbol that captured our friendship and the balance of it - HA! Now there's a great example of universal consciousness for ya).

My drawing was to represent our "tri-friendship" and we each got the symbol tattooed on our arms that very day. Each dot was one of us and we picked each other's colors. As the years have gone by it has become a more powerful, ancient & recognized symbol than I originally realized. Only through my recent studies into these symbolic fields have I grasped at the irony and perhaps synchronistic value of my artistic growth.

Traveling to Ireland, I saw that the same symbol I drew on my own was in fact on the roof of the 1,000 year old Christ's Church! I like to believe it is evidence of universal thought and a message of communication that I am still pursuing to understand...

Years later we stumbled upon it in a book.

The styles in which I create the AwA Pendants are original and ever evolving. A shop favorite has been my discovery of creating "Crystal Pinecone Pendants™". I named the pendant's style after the ancient river rocks - a stone with a natural hole through it. In folk magic systems, these are often believed to ward off the dead, curses, witches, sickness, and nightmares. They are also used as windows or doorways to see 'other worlds', invisible spirits, or how a being 'really' looks beyond their glamour.

I fill my "AwA Crystal Pinecone Pendants™" with Crystals, Clusters of Gemstones & Minerals for reversible wear. My nature inspired handmade pendants are all designed, photographed & created by me one at a time using natural materials. Every pendant & piece is unique as they are all cut, polished and customized with accents to help bring out a balance of wearable nature.

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So that's it in a nut shell. Thanks for reading!

Love & Light,

Amber White

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