Pinecone Pendant - This handmade AwA Crystal Pinecone Pendant has been specifically placed with: Apricot Aura Quartz Points and at the base are Tumbled Carnelian stones/Tigers Eye Stones and crushed Pyrite - all sealed with a high gloss. *Reversible wear.* Sea Salt & Sage cleansed - ready to receive the destined owner's vibration. 


Pendant Detail: Approximately 2.25" x 2.25"  

Handmade Slipknot Black Nylon Necklace included (Double Bail) : Approximately 24" but can be adjusted to 30



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AwA | ä - wä | Pronounced "ah wah",

Also known as Amber White Art or AwApendants


• An AwA pendant is intended for the individual that wears them to be used as a tool in the celebration and pure expression of love and light. May the natural symbolism help increase your spiritual awareness, healing efforts & vibration. Everything you see is hand made, cast, sculpted & created one pendant at a time by a single artist.


ORIGIN early 21st cent. (describing the source of handmade pendant creations by Amber White): from Ventura Ca, a.w.a ‘Amber White Art,’ of star dust origin.

Pinecone Pendant- Tangerine Quartz,Apricot Aura, White Quartz, Tumbled Carnelian

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