Posted December 1st 2008 by Mehron

What is Hypoallergenic Makeup?

We are often asked the question, "is your makeup hypoallergenic?". Although we don't label our Makeup hypoallergenic, we do believe that a large majority of people will be able to use our Makeup without an allergic reaction because we use quality ingredients and standardized formulations in the creation of our Makeup. The FDA does not have a definition or a standard for labeling Makeup as hypoallergenic because of a Supreme Court Ruling that removed the burden of proof from the manufacturers.


Any person can be allergic to an ingredient, but we strive to use only ingredients that are known to have a very low risk of an allergic reaction. Makeup Companies that label their Makeup hypoallergenic are doing so as a marketing tactic, the same amount of people can be allergic to Makeup that is labeled hypoallergenic as those that use a Makeup that is not labeled as being hypoallergenic. This leaves the consumer as the final judge of the Makeup that they buy. The Key to buying makeup that will not cause an allergic reaction is to buy a Makeup that is produced by a Company that believes that the well being of their customer is of the utmost importance.


Mehron was founded in 1927 by Mehron Melik, who began making his Makeup in a loft off of Broadway in New York City with hand selected quality ingredients and catered to the Performing Arts Community of the time, from Circus Clowns to Broadway Stars, from Silent Film Stars to Vaudeville. Mehron makeup became a trusted addition to the performance artist because they trusted Mehron to bring them a quality, long lasting durable Makeup that would not effect their skin in an adverse way. Today, under the watchful eye of Mehron Melik's Son, Martin, Mehron Makeup still produces a quality Makeup that is trusted on the skin of the world's most famous stars in the Entertainment Industry.


Although Mehron does not label their Makeup as hypoallergenic, they believe that the vast majority of people can use their Makeup developed using quality ingredients without an allergic reaction. Whether the Makeup you purchased is labelled as hypoallergenic or not, allergies are still a very personal occurrence. If you for some reason have had a bad experience with Makeup Allergens in the past, take a tip from Shelli Farber, the Education Manager of Mehron Makeup and do a self test before completing a total Makeup Application. When purchasing a Makeup that you have never used before apply a small amount in a discrete location and watch for signs of an allergic reaction after 24 hours. With the quality ingredients used by Mehron and the USA production the chances are very small that you will have an allergic reaction to any of the Mehron Makeup Products.