15+ years of

Face Painting Experience

Glitter Optional, but highly recommended...

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Face Painting

*for ages 1yr-100yrs

Thousands... yep, over the years I've face painted thousands of kiddos...

and I still love it.

Not just for Kids

Grown-ups can get in on the fun too!

My Face painting is for both boys & girls; the same enthusiasm and detail are given to each piece no matter how simple or elaborate.


Each face paint on average takes about 3 minutes. Of course some of the more elaborate ones can take 5. 

But hey, watching is just as fun as getting it done...

so who's counting! 

I've been using the same body/face paint since 2005.

It's smooth to blend colors, let's your skin breathe and has a most pleasant coco butter based smell. They are safe for just about any face -

Babies, Preggo Bellies & even goes well on Hair.

Rates & Performance

Lots of Paint for half face, full face, arms, legs, shoulders & GLITTER - (always optional but highly recommended!)

1 hour - 125.00

1.5 hour - 140.00

2 hour - 160.00

2.5 hour - 235.00

3 hour - 275.00

Wanna really impress your little (and big) guests?

Upgrade to the Deluxe Face Painting for $25.00 Add On