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Because "Earth" without "Art" is just "Eh"

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2020 -23 Full time professional Working Artist and Mother of three.


2019 - 20 Scenic Artist for Film & Entertainment Industry (Disney, Universal, Nassal, Freelance)


2016 - 18  Full time professional Working Artist and Mother.

2006 -15  Freelance Artist specializing in the transformation of Body Painting, Special Effects                  

                    for film and Street Performance Art - Project Manager (4yrs) for a Fine                                    

                    Art Fabrication Studio in North Hollywood, Ca. Started my self-made

                    Crystal Pinecone Pendant business as AwA Pendants™- continued to be involved 

                    with the film industry through special FX/Beauty Makeup & "Creature Creation".                      

                    (Illustrator, Sculpture Artist and Mold Maker).​   

                (Most all of the Body Art photography was taken by Amber White unless otherwise noted

                and all of the original AwA Pendant™ images were photographed by Amber White.) 


2006 -  Found her life partner - Editor for Film & Documentaries: Randy White

2003 - 05  Santa Barbara College: Studied anatomy, art history, ceramics, had some worldly travel.

                       Then Amber focused on her creative endeavors fostered by many mentors in multiple genres

                        and honed by "The Freelance World."

  1986 -  Learned how to hold a paintbrush. Hooray!

  1985 -  Grew up in the small Beach Town Ventura, Ca discovering the world of nature, ocean and the arts.

Mission:  My driving passion is to spread love and light through my creations, connect with communities & support my growing family through the arts.

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